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When using bulk products it is important to know how much material will be needed in order to complete the job. Bulk products are sold by the cubic yard. Calculating soil, mulch, and gravel can be achieved using the same formula.

The measurements needed are: Length of bed, Width of bed, and the depth of the soil, mulch or gravel. The depth will more than likely be measured in inches, therefore you will have to convert inches to feet. It is important to do so in order for all the dimensions to be in the same unit.

Sample: 80 ft Long x 15 ft Wide x .42 ft deep =504 cubic feet ÷ 27 = 18.7 cubic yards of soil needed

Convert inches to feet: 5 inches ÷ 12= .42 ft

Calculate cubic feet: 80 x 15 x .42=504 cubic feet

Calculate cubic yards: 504 ÷ 27 = 18.7 cubic yards of soil or mulch

Mulch can be calculated the same way. The most commonly recommended depth of mulch is 3 inches.
We recommend rounding up to the nearest whole or half yard to ensure you have plenty of product.

Enter your measurements and the computer will do the work for you:

Sample equation: in = f t

Sample equation: Feet (Length) x Feet (Width) x Feet (Depth) = cubic ft

Cubic Feet ÷ 27 = Cubic Yards



Sod calculations are similar in that you will have to convert square feet to square yards. Sod is most commonly sold in pallets containing 50 square yards. We also sell sod by the square yard.

Example: Bob’s yard is 50 feet long x 30 feet wide. He needs to know how many square yards of grass he will need to cover his yard.

Sample: 50 ft Long x 30 ft Wide = 1500 square feet ÷ 9 = square yards

Calculate square feet: 50 x 30 = 1500 square feet

Calculate square yards: 1500 ÷ 9 = 166.67 square yards

Sod is cut in different shapes (square or rectangular) depending on the type of equipment used. Check with us to see how many pieces of sod you will need to equal one square yard. This is subject to change.

 Enter your measurements and the computer will do the work for you:

Feet x Feet = Square Feet

Square Feet ÷ 9 = Square Yards


Sod can be ordered for pick-up or delivery. Give us a call for availability and delivery costs.  501.821.4770.